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The Adventures of the Seiko SKX

Here it goes. Another article about the Seiko SKX on the Internet. This one tries to be a bit different, though. 

There are too many reviews of the SKX out there, so I decided to take different approach. In this read I’m going to tell you what adventures me and my Japanese friend have been through. 

Part of the charm of dive watches is that they are made to take a beating. No matter whether you are above or under the sea level, you can count that the watch keeps running. They scream adventure – picture yourself on the Caribbean, diving and hiking, with your diver strapped to your wrist. 

Let’s face it, most dive watches have never gone diving. But the idea that they could, is still really fun. It’s something that you won’t get with a dress watch. 

I’ve tried to take my SKX on as many adventures as possible in the two years that I’ve owned it. I think it is fun to experience things wearing a watch. That way you will connect those experiences to it, and can always remember what you two have been through by glancing at your wrist. 

The SKX was tightly strapped to my wrist in Bagan, Myanmar.

The SKX was tightly strapped to my wrist in Bagan, Myanmar.

Like for many buddying watch hobbyists, the Seiko SKX was my first automatic watch. When I got it, the watch quickly became my go-to-choice for casual everyday wear. The design just lends itself for so many different types of outfits. The watch also felt very durable so I didn’t have to worry about it knocking against something. 

The first adventure-ish thing I’ve done with my SKX was riding my dad's motorcycle. She’s a BMW R65 from the late 70’s and just has this old-world-charm to her. There are no extra bells and whistles, just everything necessary to make her run well.  

In a way, she’s kind of like the SKX. Simplistic. Well designed. Robust. 

There’s nothing quite like cruising along a twisty road on a nice summer day, and secretly stealing glances at the watch on my wrist. It’s a shame that the riding season here in Finland is so short.  

Let's hit the road!

Let's hit the road!

Luckily you can always fly someplace warmer. That’s exactly what I did, when I spent the fall 2016 on Exchange in Hong Kong. I had never been in Asia before, so I wanted to see as much of it as possible. I was travelling every chance I had – of course accompanied by my SKX. 

Hong Kong is a wonderful city packed with life. There is so much to see, foods to taste, and things to try. Surprisingly the city has also a lot of nature. It is located in a valley between hills. There are countless hiking tracks through thick forests. The climbs are pretty tough in the hot and humid weather, but at the end you’ll be rewarded with some amazing views to the city. There are also many beaches and spots for cliff jumping. I made sure to take advantage of them as well. 

During the semester, me and my friends also visited Vietnam, where we jumped off a boat to Ha Long Bay, Indonesia, where I sucked at surfing, and Thailand, where we hiked a bit to take a shower under a waterfall. 

Snorkeling in Indonesia is the closest thing to diving my SKX has experienced.

Snorkeling in Indonesia is the closest thing to diving my SKX has experienced.

Life was pretty chill. Then it changed. I had to start my military service. 

Here in Finland it is compulsory for men to go through a military training that lasts for six to twelve months. My service started this summer. 

Knowing that I would need a tough watch, I went shopping. After some research, I went and bought a Casio W-800-H-1. That thing was perfect. It could withstand pretty much anything, and if you somehow managed to break it, it would set you back a whopping 30 euros. 

I wore the Casio for a couple of days. Then I got bored. 

I got my Seiko from home, put it on an olive-nato and prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. 

Getting down right tactical.

Getting down right tactical.

In the army, you can’t really baby a watch. When the sergeant tells you to dive onto the ground, you just do it. And that can be quite tough for your little mechanical friend.  

That led me to think – what if I try to push the Seiko to its limits and see if it can make it through. 

I can proudly say that this little guy survived everything. Shooting with an attack rifle, crawling through bushes, and jumping into foxholes (sometimes all at the same time) were not anything the SKX would even shrug its shoulders at. 

I must confess that I’ve since moved to an office job. No more guns for me and the SKX.


I love this thing. 

We’ve had many great adventures, but new ones lay ahead. And we are ready. 

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