Watch Spotting at Watch Show Finland x Kelloharrastajat event

The long awaited Watch Show Finland x Kelloharrastajat meetup finally took place yesterday. The event was arranged at Ostrobotnia in the center of Helsinki.

The place was full of life when watch fans came to see the show.

The main event of the night, was the announcement of the very first community watch project of the Kelloharrastajat Facebook-group. And let me tell you - they weren't playing around.

The watch was made in collaboration with Stepan Sarpaneva, the independent Finnish watchmaker behind the brands Sarpaneva and S.U.F. The new piece is an addition to his popular Myrsky-line of watches. The number of pieces produced was very limited - only 50 were made. And they were sold out in one minute and thirty-six seconds. Pretty cool, aye?

The just released Kelloharrastajat Myrsky on the wrist of a happy new owner.

The back of the Myrsky has a picture of Mörkö, a familiar Moomin character, etched into the sapphire glass.

While the new S.U.F. Myrsky was indeed very cool, the pieces on the visitors' wrists and vendors' showcases were world class. The lighting conditions were not the best, but I tried to snap some decent pics anyways.

Naturally, as the star of the show was a S.U.F., a lot of people were wearing the brand. Mr. Sarpaneva also had a booth where he showcased two new watches.

On the left the yet-to-be-released S.U.F. Vetehinen with a DLC coated case, and on the right a new S.U.F. collaboration with Makia, the Myrsky Archipelago.

On the vintage side of things, the offerings from Longitudi could not be beat. All of their watches were in great condition, and albeit they were priced quite high, their selection was nothing short of amazing.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual ref. 6564 from 1956 had developed some crazy patina on the dial.

This trio would make any watch enthusiast very, very happy. From left to right: Rolex GMT Master ref. 1675, Tudor Submariner ref. 7928, and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref. 4100BA.

The very definition of a baller watch - a solid gold Royal Oak from year 1987.

Any Rolex collector's wet dream - the GMT Master ref. 1675 in great condition with some beautiful patina.

And what do we have here... A Rolex Daytona ref. 6262 from 1970.

Not everything at the event was about watches. Saint Vacant was also present, showcasing their beautiful shoes.

Grand Seiko was also very well represented in the event.

The contrast between the creamy dial, golden numerals and blued hands was a sight to behold on this Grand Seiko SGBW003.

This vintage Grand Seiko ref. 6146-8050 had a really cool chiseled crystal. You can't really see it here, but it was shaped like a polished diamond.

Quartz precision at its best with the Grand Seiko SBGT003. The kanji weekdays don't hurt either.

Thank you Watch Show Finland and Kelloharrastajat for arranging the event. Absolutely loved spending time with great watches and even greater people.

'Till the next time!



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